Good food at the Sweet Onion

Excellent comfort food at the Sweet Onion Grill

The Sweet Onion Grill is excited to be a sponsor of Halloween in the Village.

Owners Chris and Rita share a moment on video (below) to welcome everyone to their new restaurant.

Location: 135 Wortley Road, London, Ontario Canada

Phone: 519-204-5775

Located at Wortley Road and Askin Street, The Sweet Onion is across from Tuckey’s Home Hardware Store.

Patio at the Sweet Onion

Great patio at the Sweet Onion Grill

Restaurant patrons who dined at the Sweet Onion left reviews on and made comments such as:
“Definitely Going Back …. the food was great and the portions quite large.”

This particular diner commented on the delicious coconut shrimp as something they particularly enjoyed on the menu.

Someone else gave high praise to the French Onion Soup, the sandwiches featuring Montreal smoked meat and the home-cooked fries.

Wow, all this talk about the Sweet Onion’s delicious food is making me hungry! I can’t wait to tell my wife.

I was wondering where we would have lunch on October 26 when our family celebrates ‘Halloween in the Village’. This restaurant will certainly be a Wortley Village ‘treat’.

Thanks to the Sweet Onion for sponsoring our not-for-profit event.

Visit the Sweet Onion next time you’re in the village!

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